We currently have four primary communities. Each has a fast-growing global membership and we provide relevant marketing opportunities to clients who wish to engage these audiences. Sponsorship opportunities range from white paper downloads to webinars, events, research and free product trials.

Our CIOshared community is comprised of not just CIO's but also COO's, VP's, Directors and Managers in specialist IT areas (e.g. security, big data) who aspire to become CIO's.

CIOshared.com www.cioshared.com

This community is focused on Chief Financial Officers and other financial functions. The main theme is how technology can support the finance function and improve business performance.


MarTechShared.com is concerned with the area of marketing automation technologies. The audience range from Chief Marketing Officers to VP's, Directors, Managers and Consultants involved in marketing and business development.


This is a global community for Engineers, with a particular emphasis on Design and Mechanical Engineers.

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